Tuesday, 4 March 2014

British Airways: £15 discount code

Here's a discount code for British Airways worth £15!
The code works for bookings over £100 from London Gatwick to the following destinations:

Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bari, Bordeaux, Catania, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Faro, Geneva, Genoa, Glasgow, Ibiza, Innsbruck, Jersey, Lanzarote, Larnaca, Malaga, Malta, Marrakech, Naples, Nice, Paphos, Pisa, Rome, Salzburg, Tenerife, Thessaloniki, Tiran, Turin, Venice and Verona

The code is valid for bookings before by 7th March 2014 on British Airways website and travel between March 1 and April 12 2014

British Airways Boeing 767 Frankfurt

Monday, 3 March 2014

Hotel Tonight: 40€ promo code for your next hotel stay

The Low Cost Airlines Blog and HotelTonight have 40€ off your next hotel stay, for free and without minimum spending.

This is what you need to do in order to get the discount:

1 - Download the HotelTonight app on your smartphone

2- Register with your name, e-mail, password and use promo code OLOWCOST
This promo code will immediately issue 20€

3 - Go to your profile and click "redeem promo code" and enter BOOKEUROPE
This code will give you anoter 20€ (works for everyone located in Europe as well as some other countries, but doesn't work if you're in the USA or your HotelTonight app currency is US dollards )

That's how you get 40€ off your first HotelTonight Booking, without minimum spending. That means that if you book a hotel that costs less than 40€, you'll sleep there for free!

HotelTonight provides last minute deals in many major cities around the world, that you can book through your smartphone for stays on the same day.

Jet 2: 10% off on all return flights

10% off on all return flights with Jet2: Use voucher Code: AMJ10

Offer valid on departures from 1st April 2014 until 30th June 2014.

Code expires: Midnight Monday 3rd March 2014

Jet 2 Voucher code

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Austrian Airlines: 20% discount during the weekend

Only this weekend, before 2 March 2014, you can book almost all Austrian Airlines flights online at a whopping 20% discount!

The Weekend Sale Special is valid for Economy Class seats on all Austrian operated flights (excluding USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Maldives and Austrian myHoliday flights) taken between     1 March and 11 April 2014.

Use this Voucher Code - WeekendSale20

Discount code Austrian Airlines